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Introducing… “What I Found In My Mom’s Closet”

Welcome to the ultimate “Throwback Thursday” edition, none other than literally “What I Found In My Mom’s Closet”. This modern vintage fashion series showcases reminiscent classics from the 70’s and 80’s mixed with contemporary fresh finds styled by me. What is my inspiration for this fashion journey? Of course, my mother’s incomparable shoe collection is the obvious answer to anyone who knows my mother. My brother’s would add that I just like wearing old (vintage) clothes. They poke fun of me because I do repeat some outfits from 10+ years ago and I often wear my mother’s hand-me-downs. In addition to the glamorous shoes and thrifty throwbacks, what makes my mom’s closet fashion really special is the fact that she still stocks my closet from time to time with an unexpected new chic cocktail dress, a sophisticated suit or a dainty gift bestowed with love from a mother to her daughter. Now I get to share with you all of the fascinating fashion that my mother brings to my life! But first, I haven’t actually told my mother I’ve been rumbling through her closet… so who knows how long that portion of this closet journal will last. Let’s start with what I did find…

Welcome to Spring!

Welcome to Spring!

Vintage Dress
Designer: unknown /Found: in my closet; inherited from my mother
Designer: Fine Millinery Collection by August accessories /Found: in my mother’s closet
Designer: Vincent Peach /Found: in my mother’s closet
Designer: Talbots /Found: in my closet; gifted
Designer: Antonio Melani /Found: in my mother’s closet

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