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My Mom’s Closet Pt. 2

Something Borrowed and Something New

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Hello, my name is Amber and I am a closet creeper. I first realized I was a closet creeper when I “borrowed” my mom’s shoes on my way out the door heading to a June wedding two years ago. I had a 5-hour drive ahead of me and

needed some pedal-to-the-metal flats. My mother’s shoes were right there by the door…. so off we go! My feet were in for a nice weekend getaway and would receive several compliments. When I returned the snakeskin sandals safe and sound to my mother she said, “Oh… those were nice shoes…”. Meaning out of all the shoes I could have taken I chose to borrow expensive ones and that’s when I looked at the label to see Miu Miu. The next time I would wear my mother’s shoes would be at a Tennessee Titan’s game over a year later and this time I asked for permission. See the “nice shoes” featured in this modern-vintage look below.

Vintage Blouse
Designer: Kenar Ann Tijian /Found: in my closet; inherited from my mother
Designer: Kate Spade Saturday/Found: in my closet
Designer: Augusta National Golf Club Masters Edition /Found: in my mother’s closet
Designer: Louis Vuitton /Found: in my closet; gifted by my mother
Designer: Prada /Borrowed: from my mother’s closet

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