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My Mom’s Closet Pt. 4

The Closet Confession

My secret is out! I confessed my closet creeper habit to my Mom… and surprisingly, she laughed. This was after I answered “no” to the assumption that I had been wearing her clothes. Of course I wouldn’t do that! I just simply rummage through her shoes, purses, and jewelry when she’s not at home. Admittedly, my confession is a huge relief as the pressure of putting things back in the right place was becoming increasingly stressful.

I’m liberated! And even better, this fashion project might be expanding with the help of my mother… all because I told a simple truth. Stay tuned.

The featured “prim and proper” look is highly appropriate for this post as it reminds us to beware of the straight and narrow. You never know what’s hidden between the lines. 

Prim and Pleated

Prim and Pleated

Designer: Peter Mui/Found: in my closet; inherited from my mother
Designer: Kasper /Found: in my closet; gifted by my mother
Designer: Cristian/Found: in my mother’s closet
Designer: Donald J Pliner/Found: in my mother’s closet

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