April Foolery in March

Have you ever had that big week or month when your calendar is  lined up back-to-back with excitement, possibility or advancement and when the eventful stretch is over you realize that you were just simply busy, maybe even entertained but the  benefit or progress you were looking for was no-where to be found? Maybe you were fooled or you fooled yourself… Welcome to my March.

Off to a winning start with an empowering business conference next a self-produced networking event then a “big meeting” and so on and so on, one would have thought that those 31 days, inclusive of traveling to Nashville, Boca Raton, Miami, and New York would have tripled my blog posts. But then came April 1st and the joke was on me; no blog posts and a month gone by filled with trickery. To be specific, promises unfulfilled, good deeds underappreciated, meetings scheduled to talk about meetings, etc.

What is my takeaway from the madness?  I can’t always foresee the agendas of others but I can always create my best possible outcome by following-through on the commitments to myself (ie. blogging).

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