Always A Bridesmaid

And A Producer of Epic Events… Pt. 1

In just a few weeks I will be producing and hosting an engagement party for the first time but that’s not the best part… what makes this event really special is me being the sister of the groom!

My brother and his fiancĂ© met in undergrad at Pepperdine University so it’s very fitting that their first engagement party (out of three) be held in Southern California. Not only do I have multiple roles and several locations to travel to but I’ll also be wearing many dresses during their celebration season, including a bridesmaid dress!

It’s time to put on my work boots and get to work! My first stop, Beverly Hills, pictured above.

Michael Kors Work Boots

Michael Kors Work Boots

Watch my engagement party planning adventures here:

Always A Bridesmaid and A Producer of Epic Events… Pt. 1

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