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Walking into the new year with a spirit of excellence and expectancy.

New Year New Narrative

First, in the sprit of reflection (I’ll be brief as last year was 10 days ago and not our story today), I am proud to say that I did a pretty good job of honoring my 2018 intentions: No Networking and Managing My Expectations in accordance with the knowledge at hand.

This might sound odd coming from someone who appears to be a socialite and who works in an industry in which success is allegedly contingent on “who you know”. Pushing politics aside, I was simply over feeling undervalued.

I needed the world to see my value.

So I took the pressure off myself. I did not send one email blast all of 2018 (although I had it as a task on my calendar for months). I cut back on my persistent follow-up. I told myself, one check-in or friendly reminder is enough (unless it’s Super Bowl LIII). I also had to shift my expectations to avoid disappointment . We’ll revisit this later… Let’s shift to what’s to come.

You should be living like God is already doing what you are waiting for.

Rich Wilkerson, Jr.

NEW YEAR New Narrative

May elevation permeate my entire being as natural as I breathe.   
With new heights, incite confidence reminding me
This is where I was always suppose to be.
I pray for increase
but first I must decrease.  

Higher Self, I declare a rededication to love,
a love that's much bigger than me, 
to love deeper the One who first loved me.

Unforeseen Pinnacle,
Invite happiness into a daily practice
Praise in every sphere
Openness to what's foreign as context is like a piano to the ear   
Cultivate a community of accountability 
Escape disruptors of peace
Celebrate each moment on the way to my victory
Embrace life-changing partnerships 
And in the process
Please don't forget to take care of me. 


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